BrownOwl Education

Taking your child from zero to fluency, through creativity, play and story. 


English for Young Learners (4-14yrs)

English for Young Learners

Developing confidence and fluency in English through play, reading and creativity. 

Hi, I'm Laura  


I'm the face of BrownOwl Education. 


At BrownOwl we believe that fun and self-expression must be at the heart of any learning, particularly when learning to communicate in a new language.  


My courses and classes are designed to help your child reach English fluency, with pace, taught naturally and organically.


Language acquisition obtained in a meaningful, fun way, in a safe envrionment, underpins all successful teaching.


I offer an ABC Course for children beginning their English journey. My Complete Phonics course is for the young learner with some basic English vocabulary. This course takes children from zero reading ability to reading fluency.


*New for the 2024/2025 academic year*


A complete, self-study English programme for the beginner.


This course will teach your child essential vocabulary and basic grammar, enabling them to communicate effectively in English.

To find out more, click here. 


*Also available as a partnership with the wonderful Nomaducation

A short information video on this collaboration can be found here


I have a limited number of live, weekly, group reading or conversation classes, please contact me for further details. 


I also offer an 'Art in English' club, where your child is guaranteed a fun, creative way of expanding their English vocabulary and honing their listening skills. Of course they will also be growing in other ways too; fine-motor and problem-solving skills will be developed, as will a sense of pride and self confidence. 



"I am very grateful to Laura for her complete phonics course. My child listens to many English stories before school, but when it came to reading, she began to have difficulties. She was only able to guess when it came to reading the words aloud. Over time, she became unwilling to read English, unable to recognise words was very difficult and frustrating for her.

After studying Laura’s course, even after just 3 short classes, she began to spell! When she sounded out the individual pronunciation of each letter, she recalled the meanings of words, which she had learned through English stories, and she began to gain confidence.


These classes also helped make her pronunciation clearer and sounding more like a native speaker. Both my child and I enjoy this course very much, it is specifically suitable for children from non-native countries to learn English spelling and reading proficiently."


Lu Chen, Parent of child studying my Complete Phonics Course, China




"My son has been studying with Laura for quite some time now. I am immensely grateful to her for her classes, he is always in such a great mood after class, so encouraged and optimistic.


Laura is a very kind and sympathetic person. Over the years, for both my son and I, Laura has become more than just a tutor, she has become a real friend."


Olga, Parent, Russia



“J’s English teacher praised her learning progress and especially her pronunciation. Of course, I was very proud. She asked me ‘how’ and whether we had spent some time in England! I told her about you, your great classes and teaching style. After that she asked me if it would be ok to get your number, she has many students who need your support!”.


Zuzana, Parent, Austria

Proud to support Anjali House
We have gifted our ABC Course, Complete Phonics and Art in English Club, to Anjali House, which is now used in their English language classes supporting underprivileged children in Cambodia. 

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